It in inevitable that with colder, winter temperatures, that snow removal is requested in a timely manner.  Please remember that some of the access roads around Big Cedar Lake are very beautiful, yet can be very dangerous when snow covered. 

Badgerland/LRS is the Big Cedar Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District’s provider for trash collection and will be providing service for the next few years.  

For trash collection through the winter months within the Lake District, please remember to put out your carts on Thursday evening, as the driver’s are out as early as 6am on Friday to begin their routes.

If your neighborhood’s roads are not safely driveable for the driver’s, they may wait until the next service day to provide service.  

*If your trash collection has been delayed we ask that you notify the PRD office 262-629-9322 or via email at [email protected] and leave your name, physical address, and a phone number that we can call back if necessary. 

Badgerland/LRS is also available at 608-580-0580 or [email protected].  Please have the same information available.  

Please understand that we do NOT know that your trash collection has been missed unless you notify the BCLPRD or Badgerland/LRS.  By contacting us, we can make sure that you are “setup to be caught up”.  We are happy to help.