Boater Info

Emergency Contact Information

Dispatch Washington County Sheriff Office

(262) 335-4413

They will contact an officer on duty via radio or telephone to assist
or DIAL 911

The best way to contact the Patrol if you need to report a violation is by calling WCSO, they will inform the Patrol via radio

Some of the most common violations on Wisconsin Waterways are safety equipment violations. You should make sure that you have the following items on your boat before launching on any Wisconsin Waterway.

  1. Make sure that you carry your registration card with you or on your boat at all times of operation.
    (It is the Law)
  2. You must have a wearable US Coast Guard approved PFD for every person on the boat, the PFD must be the right size readily accessible and in serviceable condition.
    (Ripped, damaged or unserviceable PFD’s are not legal)
  3. If your boat is 16ft. or longer you must carry a Type IV Cushion or Ring Buoy.
  4. It is unlawful to operate a motorboat, except outboards of open construction, without fire extinguisher of the size, type and number as specified in the Wisconsin Boating Regulations book.
  5. It shall be unlawful to operate a motor driven boat equipped with a storage battery unless such battery is secured against shifting. Both positive and negative terminals need to be covered.

Boaters Safety Courses 2021

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the district will be unable to hold in-person boater safety courses.  It is recommended that you visit the DNR Go Wild website for online boater safety courses at this time

You can sign up for Spring Boaters Safety Courses at the BCLPRD. Your child must be the age of 12 before than can legally operate a motorboat on their own.
Big Cedar Lake instructs two Boaters Safety classes in Spring. The classes are evening and morning classes that are usually held in May and June, the Class cost is $10.00. In this class you will learn everything that you need to know about being a knowledgeable and safe boater on the Wisconsin waterways.

During this course you will participate in many hands on activities including; riding along with the instructors on BCL, the proper way to extinguish a fire and what to do when your boat is sinking. During this exercise we actually sink a boat with you aboard, your participation is optional.
For more information on attending these classes please contact the PRD office at (262) 629-9322.

Online Classes