History and Background of the Big Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District

Creation and Initial District Commissioners:  The Big Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District (BCLPRD) was created pursuant to Chapter 33, Wisconsin Statutes by a Town of West Bend Ordinance adopted on January 9, 1975, creating Public Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Districts. The Big Cedar Lake Sanitary District Commissioners in 1975, Sigurd Rudorf, Louis Ottmer and William Genthe, became the first Commissioners of the BCLPRD.

In 1976, three BCLPRD Commissioners were elected at the 1976 Annual Meeting of the District:  Sigurd Rudorf, William Genthe and Roger Walsh.  In addition, Willard Heppe and Louis Ottmer were appointed by Washington County and the Town of West Bend as the fourth and fifth Commissioners.  In the mid 1990’s, the District opted to elect five Commissioners in addition to the two Commissioners appointed by Washington County and the Town of West Bend, which is the current situation.

District Chairpersons:  Sig Rudorf was the first Chairperson of the BCLPRD, serving in that position from January, 1975 through January, 1979.  Bill Genthe was elected Chairperson in January, 1979 and served as Chairperson of the BCLPRD until his death in October, 2002.  In November, 2002, Roger Walsh was elected Chairperson of the BCLPRD.  Roger Walsh retired as the District Chairperson in August of 2021.  Chris Genthe had been providing the role of the district's Treasurer and was elected as the District Chairperson in August of 2021.

Merger of Sanitary District into Protection & Rehabilitation District:  By a Resolution approved by the West Bend Town Board on October 1, 1994, the Big Cedar Lake Sanitary District (BCLSD) was merged into the BCLPRD, and the Sanitary District, which had been in existence since February 15, 1939, was dissolved.  This Merger Approval Resolution was preceded by a 2/3rds majority vote of the Commissioners of the BCLPRD and the BCLSD on August 8 and 9, 1994 approving the merger; a ratification vote by the majority of electors and property owners at the BCLPRD Annual meeting on August 24, 1994, and a ratification vote by a majority of the electors of the BCLSD in a referendum election held on September 13, 1994.

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