If you are a boater that visits lakes and uses a public launch area, Please read this great article on ramp etiquette-


Boat Ramp Etiquette 101 | Discover Boating

Big Cedar Lake requires that you pay an $8.00 Launch fee.  Once you approach the launch area, you will see a pay kiosk that offers the ability to pay the fee with either exact cash or check, and NEW this year, an option to pay with a card (includes a convenience fee) using your smart phone.

ALL types of “launching”, including launching a kayak are required to pay the launch fee.  The “launch fee” pays for all of the maintenance and upkeep of the launch/parking areas.  i.e. the porta potties, trash removal, piers/docks that are used, and miscellaneous other expenses like keeping the parking areas nice (grass mowed/trash free).  Folks that are accompanying someone launching are also required to pay the launch fee.  

Please see more information about the Launch Ordinances under the Info tab, under Ordinances.  Failure to pay the daily or annual launch fee will result in a $25+ fine/ticket.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

PLEASE respect the private properties of folks that live near the launch.   You may be issued a citation or may even be towed if you have parked someone in by the Washington County Sheriff’s Department or the Town of West Bend depending on the location.

When you arrive near the launching area, you MUST make sure that you have a parking spot available

There is NO parking attendant

There are single vehicle spaces, handicap accessible vehicle with trailer spaces, and two lots for vehicles with trailers ONLY.  

The Big Cedar Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District and Washington County Aquatic Invasive Species efforts include providing boat inspections at the Gonring Drive Launch and at Ackerman’s County Park public launch. 

These folks are taking surveys to collect data for the WI DNR.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  The information that they collect helps the WI DNR to manage Aquatic Invasive Species (like zebra mussels and other vegetation) and to assist local lake districts when invasive species are found.