Native Shoreline Restoration Workshop

Native Shoreline Restoration Workshop 

If you are a lakefront property owner looking to improve your shoreline, make sure you are properly educated before you start. Attend the free Native Shoreline Restoration Workshop on Saturday, February 18th from 1:00 to 4:00PM. at the Washington County Public Agency Center  (333 E. Washington St., West Bend, WI 53095). You will learn the science behind natural  shorelines and the benefits you can enjoy with a restored native shoreline buffer. Shoreline plant  selections, design considerations, regulations, and permitting will also be discussed.  

This workshop will offer three presentations covering the following topics: 

  • The Science Behind Natural Shorelines 
  • Plant Selections Appropriate for Shoreline Restoration & Conservation Layout and Design Considerations for Shoreline Improvements 
  • Overview of Shoreline Regulations & Permitting 

Shoreline restoration, as the name implies, is the practice of restoring an ecologically healthy  transition between the land and water. In addition to attracting wildlife, natural shorelines create  a buffer with native plants that can help stabilize shorelines, reduce erosion, and improve water  quality. There can be as much as 500% more diversity of plant and animal species along a  natural shoreline compared to upland areas. Restoring a shoreline with native plants is also easier  to maintain. Native plants are superior to non-native plants because they are more suited to the  specific site conditions found along your shoreline. 

Any questions about this workshop can be directed towards Amanda Schmitz at  [email protected] or (262) 483-9687. 

This workshop is sponsored by the Washington County Aquatic Invasive Species Program.