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November 3, 2021

The Big Cedar Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District will receive sealed bids for the excavation and rebuilding of a drainage pond on the district’s property. Sealed bids will be due at 12:00pm on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at the BCLPRD District office, 4480 Gonring Dr., West Bend, WI, 53095. Description of work: 1) Contractor is to obtain all necessary permits, contact Digger’s Hotline, and protect the site from erosion.  2) Removal of trees and brush on the North and East sides of the existing pond, in rip-rap swale work area and in spoil dumping area.  Chip or haul tree/brush debris. 3) Excavate swale from Hwy 144 culvert to pond.  Furnish and install heavy-duty fabric and 4”- 8” rip-rap (440 tons.)  Swale to be approximately 4” wide on the bottom with 45-degree sloped sides and approximately 2’ deep.  Include two 36” round by 16’ metal culverts at tail crossing furnished, installed and properly backfilled.  4) Excavation of pond back to approximate original contour lines.  See documents dated 6/1/2002. 5) Grade out spoil dumping area after material dries. Restore all areas and trails.  Use matting or hydro seeding with high germination seed to prevent erosion.

Bids should include a complete description of work, start and completion dates and a list of qualifications.  Any work outside this scope can only be approved by a written change order.

Contact Troy Zagel at for bid documents and site visit. 

Big Cedar Lake PRD reserves the right to reject any or all bids.